My new online store

I am just starting to develop my online store on my website. Check it out from time to time to see my latest items for sale.


Delivered my last pot plant stand

We went for a lovely drive from Orange to Gulgong and Mudgee to deliver the last two of my pot plant stands and pots. The two lovely ladie's we delivered them to were very happy with them.

Another wagon wheel seat


Recently finished this wagon wheel seat and delivered to a client. Steel wheels are getting harder to find nowadays and when I find a matching pair they make a good seat. I build a nice solid frame and I like to support the seat well underneath. My wife is an excellent woodworker and helps out with the timber.

This seat retailed for $1200.


A client requested this style of clock. Made from polished and textured steel, the face is slightly convex. This piece has a penetrol finish which helps to bring out the highlights better and protect the clock from rust. 

This clock retails at $120.

Large Firepits


I only have two large firepits measuring 126cm in diameter left, if you like what you saw at the markets contact me soon to secure one before they are gone.


I still have four 106cm diameter firepits left. Still a very large firepit that may fit into your entertainment area a little easier than the larger 126cm one.

Millthorpe market

The Millthorpe market held on the 1st December had a huge turnout, in between sales I would look out the front of the stall to see a constant stream of people flowing past. I would like to thank  Ellie McNamara for her wonderful work in organizing the stall over the years and I wish her well in her future endeavours


Custom fire tools

Additional Information

Finished a custom set of fire tools and stand for a customer, quite happy with the result.


Firepit hood

I recently finished and installed a large hood to go over one of my large firepits at the request of one of my customers. It looks great installed I made a mount to hold it the required length above the firepit.

New addition to firepits


Plasma cut grills

I have recently added a grill or a grill and plate accessory to my fire-pit range. The fire-pit can now be used as a BBQ as well as a huge fire-pit.

The grills are easily removable with custom made handles and come with a sturdy stand with removable drip tray to catch the oil or fat from the hot grill.


Side on view of stand



Tudor arch window frames


Recently finished a set of six tudor arch window frames for a lovely couple in Bathurst that are renovating. The frames were made 

in two parts to sandwich  glass windows. The frames were hammer textured and nuts and bolts that hold the frames together were made to look old.

the whole unit was then rusted to add to the aged look.


Jigs were used extensively in this project to hold the shape of the frames when texturing and to keep all the windows of the same size uniform in shape and size.


An example of the texture applied to the frames.


Roof finales

Recently finished and delivered my first roof finales.  They look great on the house.

Smaller firepits


I have just bought out a new product in my range of items, a smaller firepit to fit into smaller areas and yet substantial enough to give off good heat and last a long time. The simple but stylish legs suggested by my wife Jane add to the simple elegance and functionality of this object.  My retail price is 500 Australian dollars.

I recently was asked "do you make firepits". I replyed that I can but I haven't attempted one as yet. I started making one with the end that was cut from a farm fuel tank but the steel was very thin and I thought it might need a substantial amount of reinforcing as the steel might buckle under heat. 

My chance came when I acquired at a sale an old steel tractor wheel. The thickness of the wheel was 8mm and I thought it would look good as an fire pit with the holes and the rustic look of it.

It is very large with a diameter of 126cm.  I found that 65 by 20mm steel was a good size for the legs as it was a good proportion to the wheel.