Pot plant stand and pot



We acquired crushed marble bowls from a local nursery that did not have the bases  and I designed bases for them. I designed them in a classical style in view to be placed in a formal garden environment. 

They measure 82cm high from ground to top of bowl, 84cm wide, the steel used is 50 * 8mm flat bar, rings and rivets are added for effect.


Finished look

At the suggestion of my wife we decided to coat the bowls with an oxidizing metal paint and applied an rusting accelerant to the paint to achieve a finish that matches the base nicely. I only have four of these items left, and as we saw the opportunity to buy the bowls to create the bases, this will be the last opportunity that we will have this particular design for sale. It takes about 4 days to make each base, they will last a lifetime in the garden as the steel is very thick and no coating is necessary as the surface rust enhances itself over the years.

I have decided to sell them for 550 dollars each in order to move them on, I will not make this design again. So if your after a beautiful addition to your garden I have four left. You will have something unique and not mass produced at a reasonable price feel free to contact me. I will deliver free in the local area around Orange, NSW, or I can arrange to courier them within Australia at an additional cost of the courier to you.

I now have only three left as of 25/11/2019

SOLD OUT AS OF 1/12/2019